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A sneak peek at an online marketplace for independent retailers to make more of the web.

Down Your High Street is a unique online marketplace designed to offer high street retailers across the UK the tools and visibility to offer a more vibrant, boutique shopping experience online and increase their sales potential significantly.  

Brand Aware Webdesign BRAND AWARENESS Grow brand awareness with retailers
Design ENGAGING DESIGN Connect with high street shoppers
Conversion Strategy INCREASE REVENUE Drive direct sales via the website
Customer Values ADD CUSTOMER VALUE Provide a world class online experience
Objective Take a fresh concept and work together to utilise technology and offer a leading edge experience for online shoppers.

The DYHS team approached us when the previous iteration of the website; which had been well received by retailers, had become restricted by the Magento CMS they had been using. They had become unable to realise the full ambitions of the service they had envisaged.

The functionality requirements were proving difficult to develop and it was clear the project required careful consideration, complex bespoke development and precise UX design.

Strategy Get under the skin of the brand and re-launch on a suitable platform that was up to the task.

Over the course of several discovery sessions we formulated both a fresh brand narrative and the technical aims to deliver to their retail partners. We needed to improve the existing concept and add fully formed, robust solutions for retail partners to make their inventory simple to manage and sell through the marketplace. 

The team at Down Your High Street challenged us to make a truly unique web experience for users and visitors alike and we've shared ideas and concepts at every stage of the development. 

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desktop slider image of client website
desktop slider image of client website
desktop slider image of client website
Coming Soon

Now entering the final stages of development we can't wait to unveil what we've been tinkering on over the course of the development cycle.

During the strategic phase of the development, it became clear that we needed to completely re-think the structure of our Fingertips framework. The decision to completely start afresh and build something centred around the unique needs of the marketplace was the only way to achieve the aspirations of the team. 

We also inputted on several emerging trends to offer insight into marketing, web technology and branding to help put them in a great position to become a true disruptor in eCommerce. 

We're hugely excited to come along for the ride - watch this space. 

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Partnership Hundreds of independent retailers have joined us which has given us valuable insights that have allowed us to plan the perfect marketplace. We had the ideas, experience and strategy but needed the technical expertise to deliver it. We spoke to numerous development and design companies but after my first conversation with bluebox, it was clear that they are the most dedicated and forward thinking team and could take us where we needed to be… and further.
Dan Whytock Managing Director Down Your High Street
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